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republic in pieces
israeli spies in america


constitution vs. patriot act
the fed, imf, and worldbank
9-11: myth and reality
oh, israel...
the iraqi conundrum
department of miseducation

Israeli's caught with the plans for a nuclear power plant.

2 members of the Jewish Defense League arrested for conspiring to kill an Arab congressman and blow up a mosque

Israeli 'art students' deported after being caught trying to enter secure government buildings.

More on the true identity of the 'art students' and other spy rings

Israeli movers seen celibrating 9-11, caught with some curious items

An opposing view from the mover's lawyer. Note how he casts aside the celebrating by dismissing one witness, while at the same time admitting there were two other people who saw the men still obviously celebrating just a little while later. Three witnesses, at two different locations, saw them. I am not making the claim they were definately involved in 9-11, I just find this whole story very interesting in light of all the other odd Israeli happenings in America.

2 more Israeli movers arrested. They claimed to be delivering furniture from Californmia. They were driving a truck found to have TNT and RDX explosives residue. So at least one of the men.

MORE Israeli movers and funny business. Are you beginning to see why I find the first story of the celebrating movers so interesting?

Way down Mexico way: 2 men presumed to be of Israeli origin, one a Mexican national, the other a ex-colonel in the Israeli special forces (Mossad), caught trying to blow up the Mexican Congressional chamber. They had Pakistani passports. Were they planning on fleeing to Pakistan, or framing Arabs?

Israel claims it will no longer hesitate to kill people in America. This, of course, ignores the fact they never had a problem killing people anywhere.

American sailors who died on the USS Liberty, which was sank by Israel

The majority of these links I found while reading an online essay on 9-11 written by Dr. Albert D. Pastore Phd. So the majority of the effort in the collecting of these links was his. The following is a link to the essay itself. I have read through it several times, and am still too concerned with digesting the facts presented to really say whether I am in complete agreement with all of Dr. Pastore's conclusions or not. All I can say is he definately makes one hell of an arguement.

Stranger Than Fiction