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republic in pieces
9-11: who gains?


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the fed, imf, and worldbank
9-11: myth and reality
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the iraqi conundrum
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In any murder investigation, the first thing any veteran investigator will ask is who stands to gain the most. Applying that 9-11, let's examine who gained what from the deaths of so many innocent people.

What did bin Laden gain? Respect of militant Muslims? He already had that. Those who found a new respect for him following 9-11 mainly feel as one does towards someone who is framed for a crime. And that's how the Arab world thinks and feels. To them, bin Laden isn't a hero who struck at the heart of Yankee imperialism, he is an innocent man framed by the imperialists. He insists he is innocent, and for the most part, they accept that.

So what did he gain? The loss of his base of operations. The designation of the most wanted man in the world. A 25 million dollar bounty on his head. The loss of many of his assets, and many sources of money. The deaths and arrests of many of his most loyal supporters. That's what bin Laden gained from the events of 9-11. If he were intelligent enough to plan and execute the attack, wouldn't he be smart enough to realize what the effects would be? Why would he commit himself to all out war with the west, if he didn't have any follow through?

Now, let's take a look around the world, and see who perhaps might have gained a bit more than Osama.

Saudi Arabia for instance. Osama bin Laden supposedly was furious at the Saudi government for allowing America to build bases on their sacred land. The Saudi's felt in enough danger to strip bin Laden of his citizenship, and kick him out of their country. Had he been allowed to remain there, or even in Afghanistan, he could have organized a resistance to the Saudi government. Which, in fact, was one of his stated goals. So, if they had aided in setting up bin Laden, they gained the vilification of one of their most dangerous opponents, plus American aide in destroying his organization.

Then there is the bin Laden family itself. It was bin Laden brothers construction company that built those American bases. Osama was most likely not very happy about that. He didn't spend years fighting the Russians in Afghanistan, just so his own family could turn around and sell out his homeland to the American military. It has been widely publicized that the bin Laden family cut all ties with Osama. Though it is known that certain members of the family remained in contact with him. Perhaps the real split occurred due to Osama's indignation at the actions of certain family members. Certain family members who had deep ties to the Bush family. If they had aided in setting up Osama, then that would explain why George Bush prevented any investigation into the bin Laden family.

So what did they gain by 9-11? Firstly, Osama held Allah above family ties. His brothers had, in his mind, betrayed Allah, by helping an infidel army into the holy land. Any opposition Osama mounted to attack the Saudi government would most likely be directed at them as well. Plus, the bin Laden brother's construction company is the largest construction company in the Middle East. They stand to make millions off rebuilding the area in the wake of American attacks.

The CIA as well stands to make quite a bit off 9-11 and blaming bin Laden. Their official budget has been increased. Many of the reigns previously placed on their activities have now been effectively severed. Now that they are back in business in Afghanistan, and al-Qaeda and the Taliban are out of the way, the opium is flowing like a river of gold. Meaning their unofficial budget has been greatly increased. Plus, the CIA had been using bin Laden for years. If he seriously turned on his American handlers in favor of Islam, then he has become a danger to them. The manner in which al-Qaeda and the Taliban cut into their opium profits is almost definite proof Osama wasn't playing their game anymore.

As an aside: All of those commercials declaring that people who buy drugs are terrorist supporters are unequivocally true. If you buy drugs, you are supporting worldwide CIA terrorism.

That brings us to the American military complex, and the American oil industry. In other words, that brings us to the people, elected and otherwise, who run the American government. What did they gain? O, where to even begin...

They get a war against an undefined enemy, with no clear objective, and therefore no foreseeable end. Oil and weapons manufacturers are making billions off the war on terrorism. Can't have war without weapons. Can't move those weapons without oil. Can you say kaching! I knew you could.

They now have the right to go anywhere they what, and do whatever they want. Anyone who complains is a terrorist sympathizer. They are finally getting their pipeline in Afghanistan. They will soon have all of Iraq's resources. The strategic importance of Iraq in dominating the Middle East is the clearest reason why Hussein is the first rogue dictator to go. Once Iraq is toppled, the rest of the Middle East regimes should fall like dominos, if they can be hit before they realize what's really happening. And make no mistake; the plans are in place to hit them quickly and decisively. America isn't putting all those men in the Middle East to defeat an already decimated army. They're being put in place for the next stage of American imperialism.

One can't mention the imperialist designs without commenting on the home front plans. Which have been greatly aided by 9-11, and scapegoating bin Laden as a terrorist figurehead. The Patriot Act could not have passed except for what happened that day. No way. Congress had already voted down many of the finer points of that document, when the DoD attempted to pass them piecemeal along with other legislation. But after 9-11, Congress passed it without even reading it. And don't even think for a second that the DoD put the Patriot act together in response to 9-11. Besides the fact they had been trying to pass certain aspects of it previously, it is hundreds of pages long. They did not write that overnight, or even in just a few days. They had it ready and waiting. They finally achieved their dream of overthrowing the Constitution.

Aside from the American government, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China all got things they wanted. Britain got to pass more socialist draconian laws. France and Germany got more anti-citizen legislation through the EU, in the name of anti-terrorism. Russia no longer has to worry about world opinion in their slaughter of Chechens. And China, well, they get to continue with business as usual, without everyone screaming about human rights abuses, since they are, after all, just fighting terrorism.

And last but not least, there's Israel, and their international Gestapo, the Mossad. Israel now has a free hand to oppress the Palestinians, and force them from their homes. The Mossad can now openly kill anyone, anywhere, anytime. Even American citizens on American soil. Plus, America is going around, taking out all threats to the Israeli occupation. Muslims are now vilified, and Christians have a new found sympathy for their 'poor, victimized Jewish brethren.'

So, um, what did bin Laden gain again? Is this why he orchestrated the 9-11 attacks? So all his enemies would have their wish lists fulfilled?