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9-11: myth and reality
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Shoot Whatever Appears Threatening

That 11 year old kid who's running away from you. The one you know doesn't have a gun. He's obviously a threat. That old man, who's house you just broke into, since you went to the wrong address, you know, the man who thinks he is being robbed, definitely a threat. That guy with his back to you, the one your informant said has drugs, he's a threat as well. What, he didn't really have any drugs? Oh well, his back was still threatening.

How do you get around the law stating the military can't participate in law enforcement? Militarize the police. Arm them to the teeth, teach them that anyone not an officer is a threat, then set them loose on unsuspecting populations.
Has America really gained anything even relatively close to what we've lost, by instituting SWAT teams? They haven't put a dent in the flow of narcotics, only forced the drug dealers to be more paranoid and better armed. They may prevent certain violent crimes, but at the same time, they have committed quite a few of their own. Are the lives of so many innocent people really worth what good SWAT teams have done?