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republic in pieces
constitution vs. patriot act


constitution vs. patriot act
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There are people in this day and age who constantly accuse and slander the founding fathers of the United States of America.  They constantly assert the fact that certain of our forefathers did not, in many circumsatnces, uphold the ideal of all men being created equal.  They constantly complain about the Constitution being outdated.
It's not that I don't care about all that, because I do.  I disagree with quite a bit of what these people are saying.  And even with the things I do agree with, at the same time I am left wondering what the practicality of those arguements are.  I will be the first to admit that never in the history of the U.S., has America fully lived by the principles set forth in the Constitution.  But, so what?  Why does that mean then, that we should discard the one thing that prevents tyrany in our country?
All the crap going on in the world, supposedly trying to make it a better place... none of it will make America any better than returning to it's original founding philosophy.  The government set forth in the Constitution, would benifit the American people much more than any method espoused by todays 'leaders.'  The fact that some of our forefathers may not have lived completely by the document they created, does not mean that we can't.  Or shouldn't.  Because we definately can, and we certainly should.
It took two hundred years for America to descend into socialism.  And we are still not yet a completely totalitarian state.  Examine the history of socialism, and watch how fast every socialist government gave birth to tyrany.  Examine every other government in the world, and see if any truly allow their citizens the freedoms offered by the Constitution.  Why do the American people still enjoy the most freedoms, why did it take us so long for us to slip into this madness we have found ourselves in, and why aren't we a lot worse off?  The strength of that one document, and the sacrifices of those who kept it intact. 
Now that document is all but null and void.  To anyone who says its good that we have finally rid ourselves of the Constitution, all I have to say is wait.  Wait until your neighbor gets a nice fat reward for twisting around some innocent statement you make, so that it sounds as if it may in some way be critical of the government, and turns you in for it.  Wait until someone you love is tried in a secret court, where thay don't even get to see the evidence produced against them.  Wait until some of your friends just up and disappear, and everyone knows the government did it, but everyone pretends they just simply disappeared, for fear of the reality of what has happened to them.  Just wait, just a little while, until everything you once took for granted, all the freedoms that are your birthright, are with-held by the government for the slightest indication that you might be disobedient.
To those who love the Constitution, who know that without it the American people are lost, I say stop waiting.  We are millions more than our opponents will ever be.  Why is it they who are shouting loudest?

a collection of documents including the Constitution, Declaration of Independance, and severeal presidential adresses.

can't find a copy of the patriot act, but here's a nice in depth analysis

Compare and contrast.  Which document do you want to live under?  Well, you don't get to choose.  Thanks to the Bush administration and an inept congress, the Constitution is, for all intents and purposes, null and void.  The patriot act is the law of the land.

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