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republic in pieces
9-11: myth and reality


constitution vs. patriot act
the fed, imf, and worldbank
9-11: myth and reality
oh, israel...
the iraqi conundrum
department of miseducation


Take a good look at the men pictured above.  Keep in mind the fact that these men are alive, when I tell you these are 5 of the men accused of hijacking the American airliners on 9-11.  Still alive.  Click on the picture.  Its a BBC story.  For some reason the American press doen't feel this information is important enough to tell the American people.  Well, ABC News did have a story on their website, though it has disappeared.  But you'd think with all the hours spent accusing these men of a crime they didn't commit, the American press could take a moment to clear their names.  Especially since they were affirming their guilt, even after they had to be aware they were alive.
So, now, if these men didn't do it... who did?
Was it, these children??? They are the ones American bombs killed in Afghanistan. Were they Al-Qaeda, or perhaps members of the ruthless Taliban?


now, let's examine some evidence