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republic in pieces
constitution vs. patriot act
the fed, imf, and worldbank
9-11: myth and reality
oh, israel...
the iraqi conundrum
department of miseducation

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American Public." Theodore Roosevelt

The American Department of Defense is arguing for a pre-emptive strike on Iraq.  The Department of DEFENSE.  In the spirit of that ideal, I propose we rename the CIA the Ministry of Truth.

This site is still under heavy construction.
In order to curtail any uninformed accusations, I am not unAmerican.  It is possible to cherish the lives and liberty of the people of America, while questioning the lies and motives of its leaders.  In fact, anyone who truly cares for the American PEOPLE, is by default opposed to anyone or anything that attempts to lie to or supress them.
Also, some people may get the impression I am for the Palestinian cause, and therefore against the Israelies.  Wrong.  I am for the PEOPLE of Palestine and the PEOPLE of Israel, therefore against the governments of both sides, neither of which cares a bit for the lives of their opponents, nor even the lives of their own subjects.
Again, one may begin to think I think Saddam and bin Laden are good guys, who are simply the victims of the American government.  Saddam is definately not a good guy.  A victim of American foreign policy, and American betrayal, but a he is butcher nonetheless.  His opression and murder of his own people speaks for itself.  As for bin Laden... I in no way support him, his ideology nor the acts he has been PROVEN to commit, which in fact are very few, if any, that have been proven with evidence that does not remain suspect.  But really, criminal or otherwise, who is Osama bin Laden?  Behind all the obvious propaganda, distortions and lies, lies, lies, who is he?  If  he truly is an enemy of the American people, then I think we need to start finding out exactly who he is, instead of accepting the obvious bullshit we are being fed. 
The American government has become a monster, who's methods of control are lies and murder.  Which is why I will no longer ever take their word for who my enemy is.  Anyone who attempts to liberate the minds of the American people are its enemy.  Anyone who believes in God given rights over government mandated privledges, is its enemy.  Anyone who practices common sense and decency is its enemy.  Anyone who believes in the Constitution and national sovreignity, are the declared enemies of the United States.  If you do not blindly and fully support the terror America is spreading around the world in its war on 'terror,' your president considers you nothing but a terrorist.
So my president has declared me a traitor.  Because I care for the people, because I expect the truth, and if it's not given, I'll find it for myself.