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Ant-Semitism is a disgusting abhorration that unfortunately exists in the minds of far too many people.  The only way to combat any false ideology is to determine its cause, and thereby gaining the knowledge to pull that cause out by the roots. 

One of the most fundamental reasons for anti-Semitism, and the one almost no anti-Semite will admit even to themselves, is morality.  The vast majority of the Jewish population of the world holds very strictly to the moral code as outlined in the Torah.  One generalization that can be made in truth about the Jewish people is that they place great faith in the power and righteousness of Gods Law.

There is nothing immoral people hate more than an upright people.  To them Judaism is a constant reminder of their own inner darkness.  Such people cannot tolerate the ideal that they are in some way in error.  Over time they grow so accustomed to their darkness, they begin to believe their darkness is good.  The Light of Truth that emanates from true believers becomes to them a blinding Light that is very painful to behold.

And so false religious teachers slander true religious teachers.  False prophets slander the prophets of God.  Immoral leaders their use power to destroy the evil men who enlighten their population. 

Atheists, satan worshippers, new-agers, and self-worshippers, in order to maintain their beliefs, must destroy any witness who attempts to remind them that they are Children of God.  In order to institute their own brand of truth, they must wipe out any trace of Gods Truth.  Since deep inside they are well aware they can never become greater than their Creator, it is necessary to eliminate any concept of there being something greater than themselves. 

Therefore the Jewish people must be eliminated.  Their history must be forgotten.  Their teachings must be ground to dust.  Because they are a reminder of everything that the anti-Semites have given up.  Because they are living proof that Gods Law is the only Law worth believing in.

The next biggest reason for anti-Semitism was in many ways hinted at already.  Those who have gathered much worldly power to themselves eventually desire complete control.  Power corrupts.  No self-respecting Jew has nor will ever submit to a power other than God.  To them, Gods Law comes before all else.

And so throughout history these leaders have done everything they could to defame the Jewish people in the eyes of their citizens.  It is imposable for a totalitarian state to exist for long if even a handful of its people are outspoken in their love for the Lord.  So the non-Jews had to be encouraged not to listen to the Jewish people.  They had to be encouraged to hate them, and therefore ignore the message they brought.  This is true meaning behind all the statements of world leaders for the need to curb Jewish influence in their countries.  Because the Jews were telling people to hold God above all else.  Thats not something any dictator, or wanna-be dictator wants his people to hear.

This is the real reason why the Jewish people have been kicked out of so many countries.  This is the real reason so many governments have persecuted them as a whole.  Gods Law is not want they want their people obeying.  The greatest threat to any worldly power is the knowledge that Gods Law is the only Law worth living under. 

The next reason is also very much tied in with the pervious two.  Conceit and false self-image.  The easiest way to feel good about yourself is to put someone else down.  Because of the previous two reasons, the Jewish people must be slandered anyway.  Which makes them the best and most obvious choice for widespread hatred. 

Once someone has used the put down method of gaining a false sense of self-esteem, theyve trapped themselves in an unending cycle.  They must constantly exploit and obsess over every shortcoming of their victim.  And if they cannot find one, they are forced to create them.  Also, this makes them extremely susceptible to any lies their leaders spread in an attempt to defame the Jewish people.  Not only susceptible to, but grateful for, those lies.

Which leads in to the last of the root causes of anti-Semitism.  Apostate Jews, and the good Jewish people who remain silent.  Very few of the accusations made towards Jews are wholly untrue.  The thing is, is that they are, in many cases, though not always, extremely exaggerated, and only true of less than 1 percent of the Jewish people.

Any in depth study of history, and even current events, proves there are Jewish people who do unspeakable things.  There were a few individual Jewish people in practically every country that Jewish people have been expelled from, who honestly deserved to be expelled due to their activities.  Anti-Semites jump on these instances and use them to defame the Jewish race as a whole, and use them as reasons to persecute them.

In the modern world this condition has become far worse.  And it has been worsened in a large part by organizations that claim to represent the Jewish peoples interest.  It is very hard for a logical thinking person to rationalize a good man being called an anti-Semite because he can prove someone of Jewish descent guilty of a crime.  And that makes that logical thinking person more likely to ignore real anti-Semitism, if not even begin to accept some anti-Semitic views himself.

If an Aryan neo-nazi kills a black man, no self-respecting white man will call someone who wants to prosecute the neo-nazi a racist.  But if an apostate Jewish Zionist kills innocent Palestinian women and children, the ADL and Israeli government label anyone who accuses him of murder an anti-Semite.  How do the Jewish people of the world expect the rest of the world to rationalize such hypocrisy?

As long as the Jewish people remain silent, everyone will simply accept the ADLs claim they represent the views of the Jewish people.  Until the Jewish people speak out in mass, they are guilty of allowing the spread of anti-Semitism.  I know the ADL and Israeli governments do not represent the Jewish people as a whole.  But most people do not.  Because they have never been shown otherwise in any meaningful way. 

Oh, Israel, how your leaders betray you right and left.  They give the world an entirely false view of the God you so lovingly serve. 

Think!  Islamic people do not believe Judaism and its followers to be infidels.  They are People of the Book of the Lord.  But an apostate Jew to them is but a dog.  Allowing yourselves to be led by apostates gives them the rational to believe you too have abandoned your faith.  So when your leaders attack their people, why should they have any qualms about whether you happen to die when they defend themselves?  If you give them reason to believe you have not abandoned the Law, then the God they have sworn their lives to demands they not only not harm you, but they must protect you.

Do not fool yourselves into believing in your own innocence, for the Torah proves us all guilty.  Instead show the world you have seen your folly, and the folly of you brothers, and are repentant.  Your silence in the face of what is being done in your name simply proves your complacency.  Is it so difficult to perceive why so many good people believe you have failed in your duty to uphold Gods Laws, and therefore have abandoned your God given rights?

Dont allow the anti-Semites to accuse the whole of the Jewish people for what is done by a few.  Silence them before they have a chance to speak.  Be hated not for something you didnt do, but because you blind the non-believers with the Light of God.  Then no one who honestly believes in a Divine structure of the universe will have any reason not to cherish the Jewish people as they should be cherished.

Of course every argument I presented for the existence of anti-Semitism is a double-edged sword.  These are also the reasons why apostate Jews are actively suppressing independent Jewish thought.  These are the reasons apostate Christians and Muslims are actively suppressing independent thoughts of their followers.  These are the reasons why the apostates in every religion and of every race are actively slandering other religions and other races.

And my plea for an end to the silence by true Jewish believers holds true for the people of all religions.  Stop being followers of the ignorant, and start leading your fellow men by the Will of God.